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Thursday, 23 March 2017

Little Chit Chat!

Hey guys, It's been a while since I wrote a little chit chat post!
And I think it's also been a while since I've seen some real communication on this blog! My posts have been getting 200+ views a day but i'm not seeing any comments happening!

So, if you visit my blog frequently, Or you're a newbie (Hi!) I want you to comment below! Tell me, Where are you from and what do you do? What are your hobbies? Are you happy with where you are in life right now? Why do you visit my blog? For the freebies or just for a little read? Lets get to know each other!
Over the next few weeks my blog in going to take a different turn and I really want to get personal on here with you! I've been contemplating it for a while now, Thinking if I should write daily or weekly in the life blog posts! I've been a little scared to share my life on the internet, But then I remember that one, I already share almost everything on my personal facebook account, and Two there are currently soooo many daily vloggers over on Youtube! And I just love watching them and being involved in the little communities! It's really nice to just connect with other people!

Also I want to know who your Favourite Bloggers are! I really want to read some cute little blogs similar to mine and connect more! And if you blog leave a link in the comments so I can check it out!

Here's to a (sort of) fresh start on the blog!

Graceylee x
Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Glitzy Gold; Free Happy Planner kit!

*Life/Blog Update
Hey guys! 
I know its been a minute since my last blog post, Last month my life was kind of turned upside down. I've been dealing with some personal issues including a rough break up so I haven't been feeling myself at all. Luckily after one month of feeling like (pardon me) Complete shit i'm starting to "heal" and feel a little like myself again. In the mean time I probably won't be posting often, Not until I manage to swing back into older routines etc. But I do have a tonne of draft posts that were supposed to be published weeks ago so hopefully I can get them up here! 

Starting with a cute happy planner kit that i made about two months ago haha! So it's about time I uploaded it!

Remember this is free for personal use! So please don't claim it as your own! And if you feature this on another site please link back to here! Also if you share this on instagram tag my account @iblogaboutstuffxo so I can see your spread!I hope you enjoy this beautiful creation, Click the link below the Images to download!

You can download the kit here!

And below is a pinnable image, Feel free to share!

Sunday, 5 February 2017

Shop with me; 4th of February!

Hey guys!
 I thought i'd try a different, more laid back post today! If you've seen my latest Insta pic you'd know I went shopping yesterday! I browsed more than I bought but I just love looking at furniture and decor pieces in store! I can actually imagine what it would look like in my home!
Originally I wasn't going to buy pieces until I moved house, But i'm having trouble finding places I like; and i'm quite comfy where I am at the moment! I've lived in my little two bedroom unit/apartment for about 18 months now, And even though I've decorated here and there I haven't put an effort into it. Or made it really feel like my own! I live with my partner and our 2.5 year old son! So I guess I've also been holding off decorating because I have a very touchy feely toddler!

BUT I'm sick of browsing gorgeous insta accounts thinking "I wish my home was this decorated"!

Originally I went out on the hunt for a new chair to put in my lounge room! I currently have a black leather three seater and a cream, striped one seater from an older lounge suite! I'm A little over the cream and even though it's extremely comfy and my toddler enjoys it, It's just a very big eyesore! And is almost taking over my lounge room!

Before I introduce you to my home transformation journey I should probably tell you what my style is! Basically, I don't have just one! I LOVE mixing things! I love clashing colours, patterns and fabrics! But if I had to tell you my exact style i'd say, It's a mix of; Mid century modern, Modern Chic, Modern Art Deco, Scandinavian, and the list goes on! It's basically all of those styles (and more) mixed with a bunch of colours thrown over the place! If you cant visualize it check out my HOME pinterest bored here!

Anyway! Here's some pics of what I was originally looking at!

Top Three are from Eureka Street Furniture and the bottom one is from Early Settlers! So i was looking at these styles at first and I liked the look  of them online but seeing them in store gave me very different feelings! They're nice, But not really the style i'm going for!

 When I got home I remembered the chair I fell in love with from Fantastic Furniture! I just love the colour and the shape the sort of quilted pattern happening!

After I had a browse at the chairs I went over to Kmart! Now if you're familiar with the Australian Kmart you'd know just how amazing their decor pieces are! Over the last three years Kmart has gone mad! And most of their furniture or Decor are Replicas of other designer items! Here's what I either bought Or layby'd while I was there! Yes I know, They're little pieces and are quite neutral! But I'm keeping the colours quite plain until I get almost everything in the room! Then i'll go crazy with colour!

The moon and the "be brave" Signs actually light up! I Bought them for my sons room, Along with those super cute eyes (which i'll be painting black)!

See that white cushion in the top left? That's one of those cool sequin cushions! One side of the sequin is white and the other is silver! I'm going to have a lot of fun drawing on it! It's was only $12, while one I was looking at in a more expensive shop was $40! And the sequins on the Kmart one turn so much smoother! And the cushion on the bottom right is actually pretty big! Almost the size of a European pillow!

Here's some more things I was interested in! The breakfast stool is from Pillow talk, I love it but unfortunately have no where to put it! That cool mirror is from Eureka Street furniture (lol at my sons reflection) and the lamp is from Kmart! I am sooo in love with the lamp! I'm going back next week to buy it!

And here's some random, Pretty pictures I snapped!

Okay guys thats it! I'm going to take some before photos of my house this week and i'll write a "Kmart Wishlist" post asap, Because why not?

Graceylee x
Thursday, 2 February 2017

January 2017 Favourites!


January was a very full on month for me! But that didn't stop me from finding some favourites! Okay, These aren't all physical objects but I've been on a sorta spending ban! And I've been binging a lot! One thing I enjoyed the most about January was I spent a lot of time with friends! And when you're a stay at home mum it's important you get out of the house and have fun! So last month was definitely the month of fun and making memories!

Anyway, Here's my favourites!

My Pink Lavender Kikki K!
About two months ago I bought a personal sized pink lavender kikki k, because I loved how beautiful it looked! Then I discovered it was too small, SO I purchased a Happy Planner and it was easily one of the best decisions I've ever made! After I bought it I just dived into the planner world, And accumulated plenty of washi tape and stickers! Youtube "plan with me" videos filled my subscription feed! Then Kikki k threw a Three for the price of two sale, And a lovely lady on a planner page was selling her third Large Pink lavender planner for a very reasonable price! Naturally, I wrote "sold". Then I got thinking "Maybe I could have the best of both worlds and merge my Happy planner with my Kikki k?" I did a quick youtube search and sure enough I wasn't the only planner with this amazing idea! So I cut the existing holes from my HP (happy planner), Punched new ones and put them into my kikki k! Tada! My very own, very cute Frankenplanner!

Lemme Know if you want a separate post all about my gorgeous planner!

My Next two faves are part of the skincare family, Last November I decided that I needed to slow down when it came to skincare! Skincare brands just kept reaching out to me asking for product reviews And I had to stop accepting them because my skin was going through too much! So I went on the hunt for a new skincare regime! I swapped out ALL my products and found one's that truly work for me! I'm not going to get all into it, I plan on making a separate post about the products! But I am going to feature the Hydraluron Moisture jelly* and the Neutrogena Hydro Boost eye roller!
I've owned the Hydro boost roller for a while now but never really reached for it! But this heat is playing with my skin and making my under eyes really dry! I haven't noticed a change in my "bags" while using it but it has a cooling roller and feels amazing, It's really been adding some moisture! As for the Moisture jelly, this ones a newbie! I've seen this one insta for a while now and always wanted to try it! I'll be honest guys (like always) it appeared on my doorstep thanks to a PR company and i'll admit I squealed just a little! My favourite thing about this product is the pump! It's located at the top of the jar and basically you push down on it and it kind of like pops of the top! It's so hard to explain but im obsessed with it! I've been using this both morning and night, and i'm very happy with the results! It's a very nice light weight moisturiser!

Digital faves:

Through out December and January I was Hooked on one show, And that was Shameless US! Everyone kept telling me to watch it but the description on Netflix wasn't making me feel anything! But on one boring day I thought "why not?" And haven't looked back since! This show isn't for the easily offended! Its about a family living in the "south side" of Chicago, The dads an Alcoholic/drug addict, Their mother keeps coming in and out of their lives and the eldest dropped out of school to care for her five younger siblings! I would go into detail about the whole family but there is just so much to say! And I don't wan't to spoil any of the Seven seasons! I've finished them all but may re watch a few since they are starting to film season eight in May! Lets Just say there's a whole lot of drinking, sex and family fights!

A you tube channel I've been loving is Mr.Kate! Kate is creative weirdo who loves good DIY and Interior design! Kate and her Husband Joey have a couple of series on the channel including "OMG we bought a house" in Each episode they redecorate a room in their house! A series I've been loving is "OMG we're coming over" In this series they go over to famous you tubers, or digital Influencers homes and renovate a room or two! Each episode is roughly 40 mins long and I always get excited when they upload! I'm also loving Kate's Vlogs and DIY vids!
Oh by the way; They're are soooo close to the big One MILLION! And when they reach it they will be giving away a Room Transformation worth $10,000!

Okay Guy's I have soooo many more favourites but I think this post is already a little long! So i'll pop them in next favourites!

What did you enjoy in January? Are any of these your favourites? x

Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Free cute Panda wallpapers!

Hi everyone!
 I'm in the process of organising upcoming blog posts so I don't have any new posts at the moment! However I found these super cute panda wallpapers tucked away on my canva dashboard and thought it would be a waste not to share with you guys!

P.s guys, sorry for not posting lately! The Christmas season was crazy and then January was full of financial issues! And now, We are in the process of looking for a new home! Hopefully I can find the time to just sit down and create for you guys!

How do you download these babies? Just click on the wallpaper you want and when it comes up in a separate screen hold, and save image (right click image if on PC)!

Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Sigma Beauty Brilliant & Spellbinding palette reviewed!

If you're a new reader you're probably unaware of my Sigma Beauty Brush obsession! They're the only Makeup brushes I use, BUT! I've never tried their eyeshadows! I'm not sure why, I've always lusted over them. But never actually got around to trying one!

Just recently their Eyeshadow palette "Brilliant & Spellbinding" landed on my doorstep. I haven't been much of an eyeshadow wearer lately! I think it has something to do with my new planning addiction. Or when I do wear eyeshadow I just slap on two or three shades!

This changed when I swatched this beauty for the first time. It's like I was reintroduced to the eyeshadow world all over again! The shadows are sooo buttery and the colour payoff is insane! And from what I gathered this palette is amongst the least bought palettes! If this really is true i'd love to see how the others perform!

Here's some swatches!



Im so in love with these shadows! The only con is the colour variation in this palette! While all shades are beautiful, I feel like its hard to make them work together. Especially the mattes! 

Another Sigma product i've been loving is their Eye liner pencil in Eclipse! I usually use eyeshadow to line my upper waterline/lashline, because most liners i've tried just smudge everywhere. I'll admit, this guy smudges a little in the outer corners. But other than that I have no complaints! This stays on for hours and is extremely creamy and pigmented!

And that's my review! I will definitely continue using and loving these gorgeous products! I'm also going to pick up more of the shadows! 

Direct Links;

Use the code SIGMA2017 fo 10% off your order!

Do you own any Sigma products? Whats your favourite? x

*Affiliate links have been used