Sunday, 11 December 2016

Summer Wardrobe Moodboard!

 Summer is here in Australia and i'm actually excited for once! Mainly because I actually know what I want my summer style to look like! Last year I layered up and wore all black, Horrible decision! So I've jumped on Polyvore and made myself a little moodboard! Do you like any of these finds? What will you be wearing this summer?

Summer Wardrobe moodboard; Tees!

Summer Wardrobe moodboard; Denim Jeans!

Summer Wardrobe moodboard; Lace Bralettes!

Summer Wardrobe moodboard; Accessories!

And there's my moodboard! Well, whats currently in my head anyway! I hope to add some nice flowy dresses into the mix too!
Graceylee! x 
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