Hey I'm Graceylee! 
Stay at home mum living in Australia! I created www.iblogaboutstuffxo.com for a little hobby! Originally my blog was called Beauty by Graceylee, Then it was blogging with Graceylee! I originally created this blog for makeup reviews! But over time I've become quite interested in planning, Digital design and shares tips and tricks! At the moment I can't tell you exactly what topics you'll find here! My mind is always racing and i'll always have a very different topic amongst my regular makeup and digital design posts! 

Let's get a bit more personal hey? 
I'm 18, my partner is 19 and we have a gorgeous 2 year old son! I was 15 when I feel pregnant and gave birth via Emergency C-section 2 months before my 16th!  William was born at 37 weeks and weighed just under 3 pounds, he was tiny! Two days after our son was born he was diagnosed with Trisomy 21, Most commonly known as Downs syndrome! He spent two weeks in the NICU and one month total in the nursery. At two months we discovered he had sleep apnea, which basically means that he fell so deeply into his sleep that he'd just forget to breathe. He had to wear a cpap to sleep up until roughly two years. At 3 months we discovered he had two holes in his heart that had to be patched immediately! We were expecting a slow recovery! But he surprised us and was home within two weeks! Fast forward two and a half years and other than a few hiccups we have a happy, healthy boy! 

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