Review; Real-U skincare

Friday, October 23, 2015

I've finally gotten around to writing this post! It has been at the top of my blogging list but I've just been so busy the last few weeks! AnyWay lets get to it! Real-u are an Australian skincare brand, their products don't contain any bad ingredients such as benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid! Which means no irritating skin, yay!
I started using the real-u range a little over 4 weeks ago! So I've put it to the real test! I use the gentle foaming wash, control + face gel and lite moisturiser every day! I don't know what I'd do without these three products. Unlike other skincare products I've used, it doesn't force a change to my skin straight away. It's almost like these three products work with my skin to give me a healthy looking fresh face! And I love it!

Cleanse, Gentle Foaming wash; The BEST cleanser i've ever used! I don't have sensitive skin, but i've found some cleanses that claim to be "gentle" are actually very rough! But this cleanser is exactly what it says "gentle foaming wash" It removes all of my makeup and leaves my skin feeling soooo soft!

Control+ Face gel; This little guy is magical! Whenever I apply this I feel like i'm wiping my pimples away! I use this every night after I use the cleanser! It's helped my pimples stay away and that's such a great feeling! Sometimes your skin needs a little boost before it clears up and this gel does exactly that!

Lite moisturiser; if you have oily skin you NEED this moisturiser! It's amazing! Completely moisturises my skin but doesn't leave an oily trail behind! I will continue to use this over and over again!

 And that's my review! I LOVE these products! If you have oily skin you need to grab these! You can Buy the range at! 

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