Short & sweet naked skin concealer review!

Sunday, February 14, 2016

I've owned this concealer for a couple of months now, so it's definitely time for a review!
Lets start off with the packaging, it comes in a glass bottle and contains 15ml/0.16 fl oz worth of product. The applicator is long and flat. And each side seems to pick up the perfect amount for my under eyes!
This concealer has a pretty good colour range! There are eight shades in total! I own the shade fair, It says its neutral toned BUT it is quite yellow! It's A LOT lighter then what I expected! But that’s a good thing! Its means that even at my palest, I'll have a concealer to highlight with!

The formula is this and super creamy! But it tends to go a little dry on me. Its strange and very annoying. Strange because I have oily skin. And annoying because I cleanse and moisturize before I apply makeup, yet it still seems to find flakes of skin to cling to (UPDATE August 2016; I no longer have this problem since finding a new skincare routine, I'll talk about that in another post.). But it's easily fixed! I spray a little bit of MAC fix plus and it helps to melt into place!

As for staying power, it's pretty damn strong! This will easily stay put on me all day (with the help of powder of course). Although It does crease a little, I'm not annoyed! My under eyes have quite visible lines so I wasn't expecting it to just erase them!

So far, Other then it going dry. I'm loving this concealer.
Because of the dryness, I probably won't repurchase this. I'd like to explore a bit more with the more expensive concealers. I think my next purchase (after I've finished this) will be the NARS Radiant creamy concealer! Everyone's raved about it quite a lot!

You can buy the urban decay concealer from Mecca for $46  AUD the shade fair is usually sold out, BUT they restock it regularly!
Have you tried this concealer? xx

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