Real Techniques Bold metal dupes

Thursday, March 10, 2016

The real Technique Bold metal brushes make me lose my breath! They look stunning! Unfortunately $60 a brush is a little too expensive for me!
Just when I'd given up on finding a cheaper alternative, I came across the eBay dupes! I don't think I could of hit the add to cart button quicker!
I bought mine from the seller "cherrysky90" for $11.50 aud! Unfortunately the seller I purchased off is no longer selling this! But there are others selling the same set here are a few links listed by price;
Now, lets review the brushes!
Left to right;

100; I've been using this brush to set my face! I use it to dust banana powder under my eyes and to dust the rest of my face with translucent!

301; I use this brush to apply my contour powder! I use it under my cheek bones, along my jawline and along my hairline on my forehead!

300; I use this brush to blend out my contour powder! Works a treat and blends amazingly!

101; I actually haven't used this brush! It's supposed to be a foundation brush, but I don't see how it would work for me.

201; I haven't really experimented with this brush! But it did do a great job at highlighting my inner corner!

200; I honestly thought this brush was just too big for my eyes! But then I decided to give it a go! It's amazing! It blends eyeshadow over my hooded eyes beautifully!

202; I've used this brush to line my lips and it did a pretty good job!
So all up, I think these brushes are bloody amazing for the price! Most of these have made their way into my everyday routine! You need these!

And that is my review! Have you tried these? Did you love them? xx


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