Sigma Beauty Brush collection; The only makeup brushes I will use.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Its easy for me to say sigma have the best brushes. They’ve been my favourite for years now! I haven't "collected" many, but I still have a pretty decent set going! I mean, I only have one face so how many brushes do I really need?
So I thought i'd write a post about my collection and give a teenie tiny review on each brush!
 Face Brushes from left to right:
  • F80 Flat top kabuki; This was my very first Sigma brush. It changed my "makeup game" completely! It's such a simple brush. And although there are so many flat top kabukis on the market, this one still makes it to the top of my list!
  • F84 Angled kabuki; The newest to the family! This is also a kabuki, So it performs almost exactly like the f80. The angled bristles make it perfect for blending that cream or liquid contour!
  • 3DHD Kabuki; I'll admit this brush was a little intimidating at first but once I had a play I fell for it! Its just so versitile! Great for blending basically any cream or liquid product and the point is perfect for carving the perfect contour!
  • 3DHD Precision;  The little sister to the 3DHD kabuki but just as amazing, This super sharp nose contour!
Eye Brushes left to right;
  • E40 Tapered blending; This brush was amazing, It's my go to blending brush. Blends everything so beautifully and seamlessly!
  • E39 Buff and blend; I use this brush to apply my crease colour the flat pencil like tip makes it perfect for giving a more precise blend instead of a buff.
  • E54 medium sweeper; This brush is perfect for packing shadows onto the lid. Especially those crazy pigmented shimmers! Setting spray will be the E24s  best friend!
  • E10 small eye liner; Want a precise super sharp wing? This baby can do that!


Minis; You'll find mini brushes will be given to you as free gifts, from either sigma or their stockists.

  • E55 eye shading; I use this brush to blend shadows over my eyelid! Its flat and quite fluffy so it's perfect for the job!
  • E21 smudge; Absolutely perfect for adding shadows to the waterline!

And there's my Sigma brush collection! Have you tried sigma? What are your favourites?

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