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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Its easy for me to say sigma have the best brushes. They’ve been my favourite for almost two years! I haven't "collected" many, but I still have a pretty decent collection. So I thought id write a post about my collection and give a teenie tiny review on each brush!
 Face Brushes:
  • F80 Flat top kabuki; This was my very first Sigma brush. It changed my "makeup game" completely! It's such a simple brush. And there are so many like it, I've tried a few of them but this one still makes it to the top of my list. Among many others!
  • F84 Angled kabuki; The newest to the family! This is also a kabuki, So it performs almost exactly like the f80. the angled bristles make it sooo easy to blend around the nose. But for some reason it still comes second to my f80.
  • 3DHD Kabuki; I remember when this brush came out, I was quite excited. But now that I've had a good play with it I'm bored.  It's a decent brush but it's a little too stiff. Blends foundation nicely but just not the way I like it!
  • 3DHD Precision;  I own two of these brushes and have recently started using them to blend my concealer. I find these brushes blend cream products beautifully without taking any product away!
Eye Brushes;
  • E40 Tapered blending; This brush was amazing, I did love it! But now it just doesn't do the trick for me! I'm after a super big, fluffy brush and I'm yet to find it! It's great to cleanly blend already blended colours, if that makes sense.
  • E39 Buff and blend; I use this brush to apply my crease colour and to blend it in! It works nicely, packs a nice amount of colour and blends seamlessly!
  • E54 medium sweeper; This brush is perfect for packing shadows onto the lid. I can pack heaps of shadow onto this brush and experience minimum to zero fall out! I definitely need to pick another up!
  • E10 small eye liner; I don't use this brush often, only because I prefer liquid liners! But this brush does work beautifully with gel/cream liners!


Minis; You'll find mini brushes will be given to you as free gifts, from either sigma or their stockists.

  • E55 eye shading; I use this brush to blend shadows over my eyelid! Its flat and quite fluffy so it's perfect for the job!
  • E21 smudge; This is perfect for adding shadows to the waterline! Its soo small and its quite difficult to poke yourself in the eye with it so that’s good!

And there's my Sigma brush collection! Have you tried sigma? What are your favourites?

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