May Favourites!

Thursday, June 02, 2016

IMG_0555Ahh, It's June already! May has been a great month for my blog and social sites! I've finally hit 2000 followers on Instagram! It may not be much compared to some of the bloggers I know, But its quite a lot for me. Because I've had My instagram account for 2 years! Time has gone soooo fast! And because of this increase in followers my blog has been getting some pretty good views as well!
While we are on the topic of growing, My blog turns 1 in July! And I would love to host a giveaway for all of my amazing followers! Now, I need to know what you'd like to see in my giveaway! Please let me know! And please keep in mind that I'm on a tight budget and may only be able to buy one or two higher end products to put towards it, the rest will be drugstore (the good kind)!
Anyway, over the soppy stuff and onto my favourites! Here they are!
Australis pressed powder; I finally bought it! I was just waiting until I finished my other one ( I think its an older version, don't worry it wasn't showing signs of expiry)! This is the perfect powder for everyday wear not cakey but still has a decent coverage!IMG_0563
Lorac "vintage vixen" palette; I've owned this for a while now, bought it off glambot for around $25 but I think that’s a decent price considering this was LE and was only released in one store (usa only)! I absolutely love every colour in this palette!IMG_0564
Bh cosmetics brow pencil; I picked this up when I bought the shaaanxo palette! I'm always on the hunt for brow products, I can never get enough! And for $5aud this was a good buy! It's amazing for the price!IMG_0534
Becca Moonstone; I have had my eyes on this baby for sooo long! And its finally mine! It's just as beautiful as I'd imagined!IMG_0556
Annnd last but not least, Real-U spot treatment; I'll be 100% honest, even though this is a spot treatment i've been smearing it all over my face! I just can't help it, its given me amazing results! This product has seriously reduced the amount of breakouts i'm having! Which is a pretty big deal because i've been having some huge stress breakouts lately!IMG_0559
And that’s it for this months favourites. I wrote this before I moved my website. And even though I'm not on my original blog, I'm still going to do the 1 year birthday giveaway! Because it's still the day I officially started blogging! So give me some ideas!

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