Product empties #1

Friday, June 24, 2016

I think it's time we started chatting about my empty products! I've gathered up a few in the last two months so let's find out what I think!

Batiste Beautiful brunette dry shampoo: This is my second bottle/can (?) of this dry shampoo. The first one lasted me almost ten months, because I didn't reach for it at all. This bottle, lasted two weeks! I went over board and had to just put the can down. This product is great for every now and then when you're rushing. But if your hair is always oily, do not retreat to this! Too much will just ruin your hair and leave you with heaps of this lying around on your scalp! You're better off changing shampoos! But I will repurchase this for those rushed days.

Avon advance techniques Moroccan Argan oil:
I've had this bottle for soooo long! It makes my hair look so shiny and sleek without making it feel oily! Unfortunately it brings on the frizz! And sleek shiny hair with a tonne of frizz isn't very attractive haha! Probably won't repurchase this one.

Real-U cleanse gentle foaming wash*: This product has been amazing through out the last few months, I'm actually onto my second bottle. But I won't continue to use it through out the winter. New season means new skin care routine! But this baby will definitely be in my summer routine. You can read my review here.

Australis pressed powder: Finally worked my way through this baby! Feels like it took forever but Sooo worth it! It feels so good to make your way through a makeup product! This is a great powder but I won't repurchase it. I prefer their fresh and flawless pressed powder!

Maybelline lash sensational mascara: I finally gave in, I just wouldn't let myself say this product was empty. But it is. I've used this soo much! This mascara gave me the right amount of length and volume! Won't repurchase it though, I want to try out some new products!

Revlon Bold lacquer mascara: I used this up ages ago but for some reason still had it lying around. This product is amazing for length! And that's all I can remember, because it really has been a while since it ran out haha!


NARS Skin Luminous moisture cream: This is an amazing moisturiser BUT my oily skin hated it! Left me a mess!

Weil for Origins Mega-bright dark circle minimizer: I have young skin, so I wasn't expecting much from this product. I used it a few times due to some restless nights but I really didn't notice a difference!

Aesop oil free hydrating serum: This is amazing. Hydrates without leaving an oily mess behind! I definitely want to purchase this but the lowest price I've seen is $60!! BUT I think it's worth it since you only need a tiny amount for your whole face!

Annnnd done! That's all the empties I have at the moment but I already have a few products that are almost gone! I look forward to writing more empty posts!
I will link all products asap, I'm using my phone to write this post! So the links shall be up in a day or two. I'm currently in hospital with my son. Xx

(Products masked with an * have been gifted for review, my opinions are 100% honest!)

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