Review; Boho Balm

Friday, June 10, 2016

Lets talk about my new best friend, Boho balm.

Boho balm is 100% Australian made and owned! This brand is quite new, and I think they'll leave a great impact on the beauty community. It’s a no brainer, what type of balm would you use? One that contains parabens and petroleum? Or a completely natural balm that’s made from ingredients most of us use daily? I know what I'd pick.
Boho balm is made from just four aussie ingredients; Olive oil, Coconut oil, Australian beeswax and honey! In fact, That’s where their name comes from Beeswax, Olive oil, Honey, coconut Oil!
What I love about Boho balm is that no two Batches are the same. Here's a little something I pulled from their FAQ page;
"One of the amazing facts about Boho balm is that each batch is unique. With all natural products there will be an obvious degree of variant because they are natural. The beeswax and Honey are the main offenders here as each will be different depending on the time of year, which geographical region the wax came from and what plants the bees pollinated. The most obvious difference is a change in the colour and scent of the balm. The coconut oil can slightly alter the consistency of the balm due to a number of factors: what type of coconuts were used, the quality of the coconut, the moisture content and the extraction process. There is usually only a minimal difference with olive oil but some changes may be evident. The benefits and uses remain the same."
Boho balm is great for a number of things including; Lip balm, applying to insect bites, scratches, grazes, dry skin, skin irritations, cuticle cream, cracked heals and much more! Obviously if you're going to use this product for more then one thing make sure you clean your hands before going back in for more. You don't want to spread germs!
I love using this product on my lips, cuticles and even on my nose when it's feeling a little too dry.
This product comes in a very light, appealing to the eye pot. When I seen photos I thought this pot was glass. And I was very scared about taking it places. But once it arrived I released it was just Plastic/acrylic, I couldn't tell you what it really is I'm terrible with things like this haha.
Anyway, You can choose from 3 sizes; 5ml, 15 ml and 30ml! I have the 30ml But will most likely purchase the 5ml so I can easily chuck it into my smallest handbags.
What do I think? Well I think I'll be using this product multiple times a day. It’s a great way to keep your lips moisturised. Some lip balms I've used have left my lips feeling drier, Or they have a very heavy formula. Boho balm keeps mine moisturised for hours and feels very light weight.
You can buy Boho Balm here. Remember to give them a follow on Insta and use their hashtag #bohobalm on all of your beautiful Boho balm pictures!

* product/s in this post have been gifted for review *

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