Beauty Bakerie Lip whips reviewed!

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Beauty Bakerie is a fairly new (cruelty free) makeup brand, Their Lip whips became available for preorder on the Lipstick Republic not to long ago so I jumped on and grabbed two for a review!

What really attracted me to this brand is the product & shade names. Each product and shade is named after something delicious! These are some of their products, Lip whips, EYEScream, GELato and BROWnies. YUM! Also I just wanted to try a different Liquid lipstick instead of the same old brands I usually go for.

Lets talk about colours! I picked up two shades Fortune cookie and Versailles!
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FORTUNE COOKIE; A nice light brown/nude. Comparable to Jeffree stars celebrity skin OR I'm nude!

VERSAILLES; A warm toned Dark mauve. Comparable to Jeffree star Androgyny! (I apologise for the snapchat quality)

Jeffree star is probably the most well known brand for liquid lipsticks so I'll be comparing them. Beauty bakerie Lip whips seem to be a lot thicker than JS and Dry a lot quicker! They both smell exactly the same.

Although I'd have to say the most comfortable ones are JS. Beauty bakerie ones feel tacky and stiff on the lips for the first ten minutes. You'll be scared to rub your lips together, BUT if you run your fingers over your lips you'll find they're actually very much dry and soft! Once you get used to that feeling you'll be fine.

 As for longevity, The winner is BB these babies are so hard to get off! You can buy their Lip Whip removal. But I find An old toothbrush, coconut oil and some good "elbow grease" does the trick. So don't worry about having to apply again after a good kiss or a small lunch. Although You WILL need to reapply to the middle of your lips if you eat something extremely greasy!
I found the Beauty bakerie lip whips can settle into ALL the lines of your lips giving you the look of "smokers lips" so They best way to apply these is with a straight face, No smiling!

The formula is extremely easy to work with and even though the applicator is a small doe foot like many other Liquid lipsticks, I find BB is the easiest I've ever worked with when it comes to getting a great line. I ALWAYS stuff up with JS and with BB I was able to line my lips perfectly on the first go (with a steady hand of course).

So I guess you could call this a comparing post instead of a review, But there are so many liquid lipsticks brands these days I think you almost Have to compare when you're reviewing!

You can pick these up from Lipstick republic for $34aud or off the Beauty Bakerie  site for $20usd, International shipping is $13.83usd Or free over $150usd! 

Have you tried Beauty bakerie Lip whips? I'm excited to pre order their Illuminator! x

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