Chi Chi Mattes 2 quick swatch & Review!

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Chi Chi palettes have been in my collection since the very start, They're affordable and easy to find. I've owned quite a few and have even sold some because the Pigmentation Varies in each palette.

One palette that has impressed me is the MATTES 2. Obviously, It's all matte and has a range of beautiful brown/ neutral shades. This palette is perfect for people that are new to makeup. It's pigmented and has all the necessary "starter" shades, For half the price of a higher end palette.

This palette has 12 pans and every colour is pigmented. Even the lighter ones, which I use to blend the shadows together. The ONLY downside of this palette would be the fall out. Some of the darker shades can easily make a mess. So either buy some shadow shields, Or take it easy. I find tilting your head up a little and having less on the brush helps a lot.

You can buy the chi chi palettes in target for $22.95aud or on the Chi chi website!

Have you tried Chi chi? What are your favourites from their range? x

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