Milani 2 in 1 Foundation review.

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Ah Milani, The American drugstore brand us Aussies try our hardest to get our hands on. And when we do we might end up selling a leg (not really)!

 This review wasn't due to go live until next week but I had a few demands and of course, My readers come first!
 I purchased this foundation from good old Crush Cosmetics for $20aud.
I was super hesitant at first. Honestly this was an In the moment kind of buy.
Firstly, You pale girls will not be able to wear this foundation unless you apply fake tan. The lightest shade is way too dark on me! The formula of this foundation is super light weight but very buildable! I went easy though because I was already pushing it by wearing the wrong shade! It gives off a some what luminous finish But be warned it doesn't look the best once applied. It kind of needs like 30 mins to settle.

Here are some pics;
Before application and after. As you can only just see it isn't working too good with the lines on my forehead. Or my under eyes.
All makeup is done and it's settled under my eyes a little better unfortunately I cant say the same about my forehead and the dry spots.
4 Hours later and as you can see my oily skin is making an appearance. What's impressive is I haven't noticed any actual separate or movement. The foundation stayed in one place (The best it could). What doesn't surprise me is that my pores also made an even bigger appearance. They get through every foundation so it doesn't bother me. 
 Final thoughts? It's a really good foundation. But, The only thing that impressed me was that my oily skin didn't make it move around. The big disappointment is their range of shades. I don't want to tan or wear a high neck shirt just to be able to wear a foundation!

So do you need this foundation? Honestly, if you're pale then I say no. But if you've been itching to try it out then why not? I know it's on quite a few wish lists.

Have you tried it? x

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