The Skincare products that have completely changed my face (and body)!

Monday, August 22, 2016

About two months ago my skin was terrible. I was breaking out everywhere, and my skin was ridiculously oily! Unhealthy eating, A bad bb cream reaction and a non existent skincare routine were to blame. Luckily these products landed on my lap and completely changed the way I was treating my skin!

 Purasonic; The biggest change was definitely swapping my hands for a purasonic. Using my hands to cleanse my face just wasn’t doing the job, It felt like I was just making my face dirtier even though my hands were clean. I was originally going to buy the Clarisonic but at the time it was a little out of my budget so I went to target and found this beauty for $99aud. The kit came with the purasonic (duh), A charger and two heads. One for sensitive skin and the other for normal. As recommended I started off using the sensitive head. My skin wasn't used to it so It was still a little rough. But after about 3 weeks I was able to change over to the normal one. If you currently Use your hands to cleanse I recommend going out and buying one of these! They just clean your face on a different level! There are plenty of brands that make these two so you'll be able to find one within your budget.

Cetaphil Oily skin cleanser*; The second biggest change was definitely cleanser. The brand I was using was great, Unfortunately It suited my skin better in summer. This was my first time trying Cetaphil products and to be honest I was a little hesitant because I've heard people say its strong! Luckily it wasn't the case. Although the smell does kinda remind me of a hospital haha! Now this isn't one of magic cleansers that demolish pimples and anything else in its tracks. But once your skin gets used to it you do notice some good changes! Using this with the purasonic once a day has reduced the amount of pimples I get and cleans out my pores. It has also reduced How oily I get dramatically! I hardly get oily. And if I do it's because I've been wearing make up for a few too many hours. I know the cleanser is to thank because I also Tried out the Cetaphil sensitive skin cleanser and became extremely oily afterwards!

Cetaphil Moisturising cream*; Another product that my oily skin loves! For the first time I've found a moisturising cream that actually feels like JUST cream, Not completely oily lotion! This penetrates my skin and gives me a lot of hydration without the oily skin that usually follows! I love it!
You'll find Cetaphil products at most pharmacies and supermarkets! Such as Coles, Woolworths and Priceline!

Dove Triple Moisturising body wash; I always struggle to find a nice body wash that hydrates instead of drying me out. I couldn't resist this one after seeing the add! It looks so milky! Unfortunately the ad lied and its not very milky, Although it is incredibly creamy and hydrating! I have keratosis pilaris on my arms and legs (tiny harmless bumps that are actually blocked pores) and this body wash soothes them, Doesn't remove them unfortunately! But it stops the bumps from getting super irritated and angry!
Uni Organics Gradual tan moisturiser*; I only started using this last week but I'm already happy with the results. I went from extremely pale to olive and tanned! I haven't seen myself with natural looking tanned skin in over two years! I had Iron problems during my pregnancy and have lived the pale life ever since! I love the look of tanned skin! Unfortunately Those 2 hr mousse ones are a no go when you have a two year old haha! So this one does all the hard work for me. And what do I have to do? Just apply it every second day or whenever I need some extra colour! Whats even better? It's completely organic! Before and after pic below!
You can find the Uni Organics gradual tanner at here for $34.95aud (intro price $29.95aud)!

Uni organics gradual tanner! After two uses!

Neutrogena Hydro boost eye roll on; I actually started using this 3 days ago. I know, I know, Probably too early to see results. That is true but it's already doing a great job hydration and dark circle wise! So it deserves to be in this post!
Kmart Face masks; Also something I started using a few days ago. But they're so nice and affordable I had to throw them in! These are just $3 from Kmart! They have a HUGE variety too! I've only tried the blueberry and goji berry one but I really like it! It smells amazing and left my skin feeling nice and soft! Plus A little goes a long way!

And that’s what my face and body have been loving lately! Are any of these your favourites? x

Products marked with an asterisk* have been gifted for review, My opinions are 100% honest!

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