Maybelline Matte + Poreless foundation review!

Saturday, September 10, 2016

The new and improved Maybelline fit me foundations are something I've been hesitant to try. Mostly because I tried their fit me foundation about two years ago and was extremely disappointed. All shades were too dark and the formula was literally water. But I took a leap because I've heard some oily skinned gals raving about the matte version.

 I picked up two shades from crush cosmetics 115 and 120. I was expecting 115 to suit because 1, naturally I'm quite pale and 2, the online swatches looked quite neutral. Unfortunately when this shade turned up it was too pink and even a little too light! (keep in mind I've been having an affair with the UniOrganics gradual tanner. #Sozpaleskin) On the other hand 120 is quite neutral with the slightest warm tone! And it suits me beautifully which I certainly didn't expect because 120 in the old range was wayy too dark.

First up One thing that I love about this foundation is the glass bottle! Some Drugstore brands just know how to make their products feel luxurious. And One thing everyone is hating on is that there is no pump. As a mostly pump lover, this doesn't bother me. I just use the end of a CLEAN makeup brush to dig out some product. Sounds weird but you've got to admit its cleaner than pouring it out on your hand and having a huge orange spot on all day, That’s not pretty!

So the day I tried this foundation out I was being a lazy bum, all I did was tidy up the house and go see a movie (Which was Bad moms and You must go see it right now okay?). But when you have oily skin that kinda counts as a work out. Right? I mean I usually get extremely oily after like 2 hours wear.

Here are some snaps I took; 

First applied: As you can see in the photo there's some obvious texture happening, I'm not annoyed though because I already have quite large pores and bumpy skin.
1:40: Just finished some house work and am starting to see a little bit of oil.
3:20pm: Was starting to get over my sorta dramatic makeup (dramatic for me) and took off my lipstick along with a little bit of eyeshadow. This is when the foundation started separating so I had to blot a little bit.
6:30pm: Taken Just before I removed my makeup. As you can see all the fierce popcorn eating has made the foundation rub away a little on the chin. Pores have also become a lot more visible and I'm showing some obvious signs of oil. I also don't look too impressed because I was ready for bed!

Final thoughts? Honestly I love this foundation. It held up quite well with my oily skin! I mean 6 hours is pretty damn good! I'm definitely going to wear the shit out of this foundation!

Do you need it? Heck yeah! Go buy and buy yourself and all your oily friends a bottle asap!
You can buy it from just about any Maybelline stockist for $19.95aud!

Have you tried this foundation? Did you like it? If you've reviewed it please leave a link below so myself and others can check it out! X 

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