I found it on Pinterest!

Saturday, November 19, 2016

I'm  a pin addict, I'm pretty sure most of us are, So I've started a new blog series! As you can see in the title its called, I found it on pinterest! 
Basically each week or every few weeks I'll show you guys some pins I've fallen in love with! They could be quotes, Home decor or even Cute animals pictures!
Before I get into it i'll pop my Pinterest link here! Because i'm a little lonely over there, I have about 14 followers haha! And i'm Always looking for more pins so I'll definitely follow you back!

Note; The direct link to these pins are in the captions x

Today I choose joy

Bed Goals 
This speaks to my tea addiction

Subtle and sweet, The way I love to apply my makeup lately.
Cupcakes and Flowers? heaven.

These photos purposely have something in common, and that would be the colours! These have all been added to my moodboard! 

Graceylee x 

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