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Thursday, December 08, 2016

When we moved into our 2 bedroom flat last year all we owned was a bed, our clothes and some other second hand furniture our family members gave us. Our little flat is now packed to the brim. Not in a disgusting way though, It just feels like we've outgrown this place. My 2 year old is growing, which means we've accumulated a tonne of baby clothes and toys, On top of little bits and pieces we've picked up.

We did plan to move into an actual 3 bedroom house when our lease ends. But the location of this place is so handy for us considering we don't drive. It's just a 15 minute walk to the CBD and there's a pool, pub and supermarket just around the corner!

So! We are attempting to Declutter everything, Instead of moving! I'm Completely overwhelmed, Thankfully you guys will be going on this journey with us! So to kick start this adventure-and new blog topic (lifestyle), Here's a list to get both you and me off our butts!
  1. Clothes! For us the biggest problem we have is the overload of clothes we have. Most of them are my sons as I attempted a capsule wardrobe two months ago, which resulted in me giving away almost everything I owned! My son on the other hand has two bags of small clothes in my wardrobe, a bag and shelf load in his AND a bag or two in the shed. When they're little it's hard to get rid of their clothes! 
  2. DVDS! Before we set up Wifi we bought a dvd every week. I now regret that decision. Because now our bookshelf is packed with them. And it's a huge eyesore! So we are going to keep the ones we really love. And sell the ones we bought without watching beforehand! 
  3. Toys! Obviously this doesn't apply to everyone, But for us it's a Needs to be done right now kinda thing. Christmas is around the corner and our son is sorted with presents. When buying this year I thought about what he needed, not wanted. So in with the educational toddler toys and out with the random stuffed animals and plastic shapes! 
  4. Books and Magazines! I started collecting magazines last year because I loved the way they looked on shelves. I only have a small shelf worth but it's too much. Magazines are dust collectors. As for the books, I buy them and think "oh I'll read that" and what do you know? I never do. So if i read it and loved it, it stays! If i haven't touched it, I'm sure i have a family member or friend that would! 
  5. Makeup! My blog used to be just about makeup, So I managed to accumulate a fair amount. About two weeks ago I looked at the mess and wasn't happy. I sat down and separated it into four piles, Keep, sell, throw and give away! And now i'm left with just one set of acrylic draws! I plan on doing another makeup declutter in January!
  6. Old Bills! I have bills everywhere! Open up any draw and you'll find some sort of bill or appointment letter! So i'm either going to buy a small filing cabinet or a nice big folder and sort through it all, I'm not looking forward to it.
  7. Shoes! Technically clothes I guess, But I know most of us have too many. Mine are taking up my sons wardrobe. Adn to be honest I only wear about 4 pairs! 
  8. Toiletries! Look under your bathroom sink, Is there room for anything? If the answer is no then that's something we have in common. My bathroom is full of product back ups or things I think i'll use but never do. Try to donate any unopened products! 
  9. Linen! I have way too many sheets lying around! But it's good to have backups in case of an emergency (eg toddler bed wetting) so i'll probably chuck one or two sheet sets! And i'm not sure if towels are linen? But they definitely need to go to! I need to buy some new ones. My current ones are a few years old now!
  10. Kitchen Utensils! Everyone buys those utensil packs when they move into their own home! Which is great! BUT most come with ridiculous items I personally wouldnt use. Or maybe you've upgraded but have kept the old ones?
  11. Cleaning products! Did you know that Most cleaning products have used by dates? I found that out about three months ago after cleaning out my cupboard! Who knew!
  12. Stationary! Throw away all the old pens and notebooks lying around! I'm a stationery addict and hoarder, If its pretty i'll buy it! So I need to do the monthly cull! As for sketchbooks, if they're filled up but you don't want them lying around, pop them in a box and tuck them away somewhere! 
  13. Bags! We have a huge collection of travel bags, handbags, nappy bags and suit cases. Don't know how we'll go with culling these! Especially my beloved handbags!
  14. Jewelry! I've given up buying cheapies, and now keep sentimental pieces! 
  15. Food! Canned foods or sauces seem to sit in my pantry forever! Empty your pantry completely and throw anything you don't see yourself using!
And there's my starting list! As I go along i'll definitely come across something else so look out for part two!

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