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Sunday, February 05, 2017

Hey guys!
 I thought i'd try a different, more laid back post today! If you've seen my latest Insta pic you'd know I went shopping yesterday! I browsed more than I bought but I just love looking at furniture and decor pieces in store! I can actually imagine what it would look like in my home!
Originally I wasn't going to buy pieces until I moved house, But i'm having trouble finding places I like; and i'm quite comfy where I am at the moment! I've lived in my little two bedroom unit/apartment for about 18 months now, And even though I've decorated here and there I haven't put an effort into it. Or made it really feel like my own! I live with my partner and our 2.5 year old son! So I guess I've also been holding off decorating because I have a very touchy feely toddler!

BUT I'm sick of browsing gorgeous insta accounts thinking "I wish my home was this decorated"!

Originally I went out on the hunt for a new chair to put in my lounge room! I currently have a black leather three seater and a cream, striped one seater from an older lounge suite! I'm A little over the cream and even though it's extremely comfy and my toddler enjoys it, It's just a very big eyesore! And is almost taking over my lounge room!

Before I introduce you to my home transformation journey I should probably tell you what my style is! Basically, I don't have just one! I LOVE mixing things! I love clashing colours, patterns and fabrics! But if I had to tell you my exact style i'd say, It's a mix of; Mid century modern, Modern Chic, Modern Art Deco, Scandinavian, and the list goes on! It's basically all of those styles (and more) mixed with a bunch of colours thrown over the place! If you cant visualize it check out my HOME pinterest bored here!

Anyway! Here's some pics of what I was originally looking at!

Top Three are from Eureka Street Furniture and the bottom one is from Early Settlers! So i was looking at these styles at first and I liked the look  of them online but seeing them in store gave me very different feelings! They're nice, But not really the style i'm going for!

 When I got home I remembered the chair I fell in love with from Fantastic Furniture! I just love the colour and the shape the sort of quilted pattern happening!

After I had a browse at the chairs I went over to Kmart! Now if you're familiar with the Australian Kmart you'd know just how amazing their decor pieces are! Over the last three years Kmart has gone mad! And most of their furniture or Decor are Replicas of other designer items! Here's what I either bought Or layby'd while I was there! Yes I know, They're little pieces and are quite neutral! But I'm keeping the colours quite plain until I get almost everything in the room! Then i'll go crazy with colour!

The moon and the "be brave" Signs actually light up! I Bought them for my sons room, Along with those super cute eyes (which i'll be painting black)!

See that white cushion in the top left? That's one of those cool sequin cushions! One side of the sequin is white and the other is silver! I'm going to have a lot of fun drawing on it! It's was only $12, while one I was looking at in a more expensive shop was $40! And the sequins on the Kmart one turn so much smoother! And the cushion on the bottom right is actually pretty big! Almost the size of a European pillow!

Here's some more things I was interested in! The breakfast stool is from Pillow talk, I love it but unfortunately have no where to put it! That cool mirror is from Eureka Street furniture (lol at my sons reflection) and the lamp is from Kmart! I am sooo in love with the lamp! I'm going back next week to buy it!

And here's some random, Pretty pictures I snapped!

Okay guys thats it! I'm going to take some before photos of my house this week and i'll write a "Kmart Wishlist" post asap, Because why not?

Graceylee x

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