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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

*Life/Blog Update

Hey guys! 
I know its been a minute since my last blog post, Last month my life was kind of turned upside down. I've been dealing with some personal issues including a rough break up so I haven't been feeling myself at all. Luckily after one month of feeling like (pardon me) Complete shit i'm starting to "heal" and feel a little like myself again. In the mean time I probably won't be posting often, Not until I manage to swing back into older routines etc. But I do have a tonne of draft posts that were supposed to be published weeks ago so hopefully I can get them up here! 

Starting with a cute happy planner kit that i made about two months ago haha! So it's about time I uploaded it!

Remember this is free for personal use! So please don't claim it as your own! And if you feature this on another site please link back to here! Also if you share this on instagram tag my account @iblogaboutstuffxo so I can see your spread!I hope you enjoy this beautiful creation, Click the link below the Images to download!

You can download the kit here!

And below is a pinnable image, Feel free to share!

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