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Thursday, November 21, 2019

For the last two, almost three years I've basically had nothing to play with in my spare time. I had no hobbies and no interests since I stopped blogging. Until the end of last year where I discovered my obsession and love for house plants!
My obsession started with some cute little succulents I bought from here but unfortunately they've all passed due to my lack of succulent knowledge. I then moved on to indoor plants! So far I've managed to only kill one (almost two) plant babies. I joined the Facebook group C.I.P.P.A (Crazy indoor plant people Australia) and i like to think I've learnt just enough to keep my plant babies alive!

Since I've decided to finally dip my feet back into blogging I thought what better way to start then with a lovely plant collection post! Keep in mind my collection is still small and nothing compared to the beautiful accounts you see over on insta! But it is forever growing and i have quite a few on my wish list!

Monstera Deliciosa 

Monsteras are probably the most insta famous plant, every one loves the luscious split leaves. they give your home such a beautiful tropical vibe! I own two Monsteras, the first being my big guy that I've owned for almost a year now, I bought him second hand off of Facebook for about $100! Unfortunately he isn't looking his best at the moment as I had him placed in a room that wasn't getting enough light, but hes know sitting in a beautiful bright corner so hopefully he well get some life back!

My second Monstera is a newbie and lives in my bathroom, looking over my much loved Frank Bod products! she's already sprouted a new leaf since living with me!


My first snake plant was a beautiful Laurentii but unfortunately she was over watered and didn't survive! Since finding out these guys don't really need much water (or light) I've purchased another for my bedroom that only gets a little bit of morning sun! 

Devils Ivy

I absolutely love these guys! This devils ivy taking over my bookshelf was the first plant I've taken home and successfully kept alive! she was so tiny when i bought her and has grown a very beautiful lengthy vine! definitely a statement in my living room!

Since I've had so much luck with the one in the living room i decided to buy a second and plop him on a shelf in my kitchen! This guy isn't growing as fast but still looks quite beautiful!


I'm going to be honest here, I have no idea how to care for this plant! It was a valentines day gift from my best fried and i just love the beautiful light pink in the leaves! Some how she is still alive and surprisingly a very care free plant! 

Peace Lily 

I bought this baby off of gum tree and unfortunately I've had some trouble with it! The pot it was in was too small and the room it was in had way too much sunlight. So I removed the pot, placed it in some water and tucked it into a dark corner in my kitchen (moved for a nicer photo)! It seems to have done the job as its sprouted a lovely new leaf! 

And that is my plant collection! How big is yours? whats your favourite indoor plant? If you have an insta dedicated to plants feel free to link it below! id love to see!

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