My child’s disability is no excuse for bad behaviour.

Wednesday, February 26, 2020

A few weeks ago I was sitting in the drs waiting room with William, he was playing with some other kids and decided he wanted to play with a toy another child had, so he snatched it off them. Before I could tell him it’s not okay and he had to share, the child’s parent said “oh it’s okay”. Even though their child was clearly upset over it. 

I'm more so using this situation as an example, i'm not saying the mother was in the wrong and i wasn't expecting her to discipline my child. But maybe she could of let me speak up first.

As a mother of a child that has a disability this isn’t the first time I’ve heard the “it’s okay”, It's part of our everyday life. So I hear it very differently.

This isn’t okay.

I don’t want my son thinking he’s allowed to steal toys off other children and I don’t want other children thinking my son is allowed to walk all over them just because he has Down syndrome. 

My child is a normal child, doing normal child things. He needs to learn right from wrong. 

The only difference between disciplining your child and mine, is patience. Be patient with him, explain why he can’t do that, explain how it’s made the other child upset. Explain slowly and be patient as it may take a few times to get it through. But NEVER dismiss his bad behaviour because of his disability. 

He’s human too, a human that needs to be treated like everyone else. Just with a bit of patience. 

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