3 of the best free Lightroom Presets!

Saturday, March 07, 2020

If you spend a lot of time on Insta you'll know that lightroom presets are the best new thing to edit your photos with! Although influencers are actually selling their presets for crazy amounts! Now don't get me wrong I have no hate for the hustle. BUT most of these presets that are being sold just won't work on your photos unless you take them exactly like said influencer, I learnt this the hard way.

Now obviously presets can be altered so if you buy some you could most definitely make them work for your pics. But because its so easy to alter them you're honestly better off hunting down some freebies and making them you own!

Free presets are super easy to find with a quick google search, and most of them will be YouTube tutorials that you have to watch all the way through to find a password that will give you access to where the DNG file is saved.

So to save you from watching all the videos and trying presets that just don't work I've made it easier and have listed Three of the best!

1. Nancy Hurtados preset

After buying quite a few presets that I hated I came across this YouTube video. What I love about this preset is that its so specific but will look totally different on your pics with just a tiny bit of tweaking! On the left is how Nancy uses the preset on her feed and on the left is how it looks on mine with a few changes! I'm still working on perfecting my feed but this preset is hands down the easiest to start off with! Especially when you're new to lightroom and aren't quite sure what theme you want!

2. Bright minimal Lightroom preset by Cappuccino and fashion

This preset was created by a fellow lifestyle blogger and i'm honestly so in love with it! It's just so bright and airy without over doing it! 

3. Indoor Light room preset by La Dolce Vita

Another blogger made preset! I love blogger presets! This beautiful preset has a lovely pinkish hue to it! She has quite a few free presets on her blog!

And there's three off the best free light room presets out there! I'll definitely be keeping my eyes out for some more amazing freebies and sharing them with you here on the blog! 

Have you come across a cool free preset? Link it in the comments! xo

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