Crystals i'm drawn to at the moment!

Wednesday, March 04, 2020

For as long as I can remember I've been in love with crystals. And yes, I am one of those people that can "feel" the energy coming off them. Almost every time I admit that to someone they look at me like i'm crazy! But I kid you not when I hold a crystal I can feel energy coming out of it. this just draws me to them even more.

My crystal collection is actually quite small compared to many others I've seen, it is slowly growing and i'm in no rush. I kind of let my body tell me when it's time to buy more- again super weird I know. But every now and then i'll just get a sudden urge to jump online and purchase whatever crystals catch my eye!
I buy all my crystals from unearthed crystals* they're an Australian business (that ships worldwide btw) I will not buy my crystals anywhere else. The girls at unearthed are so friendly and down to earth. Shopping with them is always a pleasant experience!

Anyway, this post is about the crystals i'm drawn to at the moment, this changes up quite regularly depending on whats happening in my life. sometimes I can go months without touching a certain crystal then all of a sudden i'm drawn to it and holding it whenever I get the chance. It really is amazing.

Selenite unicorn horn carving

I'm not going to get into depth with descriptions of these beauties but essentially Selenite is an amazing cleansing crystal and can even be used to recharge other crystals! So basically, you need it. I bought this baby to keep in my living room since its where majority of communication is happening. I want to keep this space clear of any negative energy!


Same deal as above just a super cute tiny tower version for my bedroom!

Tigers eye worry stone

I've owned this worry stone for over two years now and i'm still so in love with it. Basically tigers eye helps you stop being a dreamer and become a doer. If you're confused about any choices you have to make just go to your trusty tigers eye to help guide you.

Aragonite Sputnik Tumble

This was such a random purchase, I didn't even know what Aragonite was until I spotted this baby of course I needed it in my life! It helps with decision making,  it stabilises your emotions and reminds you just how strong you are. something I definitely need in my life.

They're the beauties i'm currently obsessing over right now! I have absolutely no doubt it'll change up in a month or so! Once again I buy all my crystals from Unearthed crystals*! I've added links to all of these so you can find them on the website! 

Do you collect crystals? What are you drawn to right now?

*Some links used are referral links, This means if you create an Unearthed account using my link you will recieve 10% off your first order and I will have some points added to my "reward" account to use towards new purchases.

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